1990 Nissan 300ZX - Mach Z

Ok... so it doesn't look like much of a "Mach Z" but I only bought it recently and
it has a long way to go. I'm keeping the future plans of it a secret for the most part
at the moment (but if you do enough searching around online you'll likely be able to find
out pretty easily what my plans are.)

I picked the car up from a local person who was in a wreck with it. Someone ran a red
light and nailed the front of it. They originally wanted to part it out but that
wasn't going too well so I talked to them about buying the whole thing. The engine,
transmission, and differential as well as a few other odds and ends were removed... but
that works out perfectly for me as I already have most of the stuff needed to make
it run. The front end definitely needs work as you can tell from the pictures
but when I'm done... its not only going to look good but its going to be a blast
to drive... and for $500 who can pass up their dream car?

Originally the Mach Z project was going to be using a Datsun 280Z but due to the costs
associated with getting the 280Z to where I wanted it, it ended up being much more
cost effective to do a Z32 300ZX... not to mention that the Z32 has always been one
of my dream cars. I love Skylines and all... but the Z has always sort of been a
"secret crush" so to speak. The design is like nothing else... so sleak and beautiful
yet has a sort of mean-ness to that telling you to get out of the way or suffer
the consequenses...

It doesn't just stop at the looks though. The stock VG30DE(TT) is
an amazing engine. Dare I say... better than the RB26? Why yes I do. It might
be a bit cramped in the engine bay and might be hard and expensive to work on
but the end result can be incredible. If you do some searching around online you'll
be able to find a Z32 dyno comparison to an equally built Skyline with the coveted
RB26DETT. In this comparison you'll notice something though... you'll notice that
the VG30DETT makes 10 less hp than the RB26DETT, both coming in at over 700 hp
but here's where it gets flat out insane... the torque. The RB26DETT made right
over 500 ft. lb. of torque at over 7,000 rpm however... the VG30DETT produce more
than 800 ft. lb. of torque and at 4,400 rpm nonetheless. Talk about a torque
monster... that thing would be an incredible blast.

Granted both engines are made for two different purposes for the most part,
the VG is still an incredible engine that for some reason doesn't get near the
love that the RB gets. For those of you that own a Z... you know what I'm
talking about. Going to an RB26 would almost feel like a downgrade... it
doesn't get much better than the VG... or does it?

Keep checking back for updates to find out...

Pictures of the Mach Z project